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5 Effective Ways to Find Relevant Publications for Guest Blogging

From increased brand awareness to increased web traffic, SEO, domain authority, increased sales, and more, the benefits of guest blogging for growing a business online cannot be overemphasized.
Informed businesses have been leveraging this online marketing strategy and reaping its numerous benefits. Even the highly successful online entrepreneurs in the likes of Neil Patel and Bamidele Onibalusi all declared guest blogging highly effective.
That said, it’s important to note that there's a difference between guest blogging alone and guest blogging on authoritative publications relevant to your niche.
The latter is an effective guest blogging strategy you can count on.
Like every other marketing strategy, guest blogging requires proper planning and execution to be effective.
This means, good research and analysis must be carried out before engaging in a guest blogging strategy.

These research include:

  • Searching the web to find authoritative publications relevant to your niche.
  • Keyword research to find keywords relevant to your site (if you’re guest blogging for SEO).
  • Reviewing your site to find the best landing pages (content page or resource page) to have other sites link to -- this is for publications that allow you to naturally include a link to your site within the content.
  • Reviewing your website to find your current customer/client locations.
  • Reviewing the websites you intend to guest post on to find their most traffic locations.
  • Analyzing your competing brands to find their traffic sources.
  • Reviewing different publications in your niche to find the ones with the most audience engagement and SEO benefits.

  • In the future, we’ll discuss the mentioned researches on this site and list the best online tools for easily performing these research and analysis.
    Below, however, we discussed 5 ways to find authoritative publications relevant to your niche for guest blogging.

    1. Review publications you come across online
    This method of discovering publications that accept guest post is mainly effective if you’re not looking for many publications at a go.
    While surfing information online, you might come across a site with great content, awesome audience engagement, and large social media shares.
    Then as a businessperson who wants their content published on such site, the next thing to do is to find out if the site accepts guest posts.
    The first step to go about this is to review the site to see if there's any of the following pages:
  • Contribute
  • Write for us
  • Guest posts
  • Contributors
  • For bloggers
  • Editorial contact
  • Submit guest post, and similar pages.

  • If any of the above page is found on the site, follow the instructions on the page and submit your guest post.
    If the publication doesn't have any of the pages, however, don't give up yet. Another step is to review the site’s blog section to see if there are posts by guest contributors.
    If there are such posts, this may mean the publication is not actively looking for guest posts but accepts them occasionally.
    What to do then is to draft out topnotch article ideas relevant to the site or better still, write a full, high-quality article and then reach out to the site via their “contact us” page to discuss your interest of becoming a guest contributor to the site.
    To increase your chances of getting accepted, briefly explain what makes you worthy to create contents for the blog's audience; discuss your expertise and knowledge in the field, show samples of your past work (preferably your posts on other bigger publications if you have any), and briefly explain what your article idea will be about, or what your full article attached to the email is about.
    If your ideas or your full article meets their content guidelines and you appear knowledgeable in your field through your pitch then you’re most likely to be accepted as a contributor.

    2. Leverage resources on informative sites
    If you consider surfing the web to discover sites for guest blogging a tedious and time-consuming task, then not to worry, this option is for you.
    There are many informative sites on the web that have done the hard work to discover and compile lists of different publications that accepts guest posts.
    These sites often group the publications in categories like “20 Heath Publications that Accepts Guest Posts,” “15 Tech Publications that Accepts Guest Posts” and so on.
    All you have to do is to find the category relevant to you and scroll through the list and you'll find a decent number of publications to try guest blogging on.
    It's then left for you to review the publications and their guest blogging guidelines to see if it's the best fit for you.
    Below are some informative sites to find list of publications that accept guest posts:
  • Writers In Charge - The Definitive List of Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
  • Advanced Web Ranking - 150+ Sites to Guest Post in 2017
  • Website Hosting Rating - List of 200+ Websites & Blogs that Accept Guest Posts in 2018
  • Solvid - List of 300+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions

  • The only downside to this option is that some of the sites don't update their list. Hence, the list of publications accepting guest posts when the list was written may no longer be relevant or may no longer be accepting guest posts when you want to use the list.

    3. Perform web searches
    Search engines like Google also make the process somewhat easier and effective for discovering sites that accept guest posts.
    You can type any of the below search term combinations and similar search terms in your browser to get a decent list of publications in your niche that accept guest posts:
  • Your niche (Health for example) + Write for us -- This should be like “Health +Write for us.” Same goes for the below search terms.
  • Your niche + Contribute
  • Your niche + Guest post
  • Your niche + Submit an article

  • 4. Search the web with the name of a guest blogger you know
    Another effective way is to visit authoritative publications in your niche, check their blog section, find the names of other guest contributors on the site and then perform a web search with their name.
    This way, you’ll discover other publications in your niche that accept guest posts because most guest bloggers contribute to sites in the same niche, and the search will present other publications they contribute to.
    Below is a Google search example with my name.

    As seen above, the search shows I contribute to Entrepreneur and Huffpost, amongst other sites not shown on the Google first page.
    This option is effective because;
    Most businesspersons and guest bloggers only contribute to publications in the same niche. Hence, it'll help you find other sites relevant to your niche.
    For the fact the person you searched for contributes to the site, there's a high probability the site accepts guest posts.
    The most authoritative publications make it to the first pages on search engine result pages (SERPs). Hence, the publications that'll be presented will most likely be authoritative.
    For the publication to be on the SERPs first pages, you can bet on the traffic and SEO benefits a backlink on such site will bring to your site should you guest blog there.

    5. Utilize online tools/directories
    There are some online directories where you can find relevant publications in your niche. These directories include:
  • Alexa: This is one of the best tools for finding sites similar to yours or to another you choose. You simply input your desired site in their search box and hit enter and it presents a number of sites similar to the one you entered. Only thing is that you’re only allowed to view about 1-8 of the search result for free.

  • Alltop: This directory displays latest posts from the biggest publications online. It also has different niches to choose from. With this tool, you can find not just sites in your niche, but the most authoritative ones as the editors carefully crafts out the contents displayed.
  • Blogarama: This is one of the oldest blog directories. It covers sites on a number of niches and has over 140k blogs listed in its directory according to the site.
  • Blog Search Engine: With this tool, you simply type the name of your niche and you’ll be presented with different blogs. It’s then left for you to review the sites individually to see if they accept guest posts. Remember as mentioned above, if there’s no guest contributor page on the site, you can reach out to the site with article ideas or a full content to further inquire if they accept guest posts.

  • With the above 6 options, finding relevant blogs to publish on shouldn’t be such a pain in the neck. What’s left is to craft out an excellent guest blogging strategy that’ll get your guest posts accepted even by the biggest publications online.
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